The Real Man Use Three Pedals and won

Thursday, 30 May 2013. | ENTERTAINMENT

Real Men Use Three Pedals whereas a Rich Men use commonly Two Pedals. Did you have heard about that term? Yes it’s a unique expression that invites laughter in currently it’s a lot hanging in the back of cars. If real men wear defined three pedals, while the rich men wear two pedals. It certainly refers to the use of the transmission on the car. Using 3 Pedal cars mean clutch wear, whereas 2 pedal car means automatic transmission car.

Out of nowhere the emergence of that expression, it appears as a sticker war of words or teased each other between automatic and manual car users. As we can see actually that there are so many different car available in this worlds, and commonly there are two type of transmission. Both of transmission actually used whether by men or also women.  It’s not mean if automatic transmission for women whereas manual for men, due to it is created based on the development manufacturer of car technology actually.

Indeed drive a manual car rather meticulous from the automatic stay only gas-brake only. When we are using a manual car driving requires more skill and more tired than automatic transmission cars. So it seemed to drive a manual car can give the impression section, yet indeed automatic car can be operated by many people whether men, women, or even child. For the real man certainly need hard thing to do, and manual indeed is most as the choice.

Yet, that does not mean using automatic car also does not need driving skills. Step on the wrong pedal, or enter the wrong transmission gear the car can go out of control, and it is often the case. Indeed, judging from the automatic car is more expensive price from the car manual for the same type of car. Thus, you can get started for saving money for leaving automatic car and use manual car if you want to be a real man who is in adventuring interest.