6 Actors Who Dreamed of Woman & Respected by Man

Thursday, 30 May 2013. | CELEBRITY

Today there are many actors who have achieved success in Hollywood and then are dreamed of women in all around the worlds. Not all of them have good attitude in their life, and also some of them there who are reasonable to be called as the real man. Certainly not caused that they just simply dare to conquer the hearts of women only, yet they also who make the man ‘fell in love’ with the charisma that they have.

Here bellow 6 actors who are dreamed by women and respected of man, they are:

Robert Downey

He is a Starring fictional character of Tony Stark in Iron Man. He successfully proves that he could conquer the dependence on drugs. Now, he is not only known as an action hero, comedy star, but being the coolest guy in the world.

Harrison Ford

He became cast two most bad-ass character in the history of cinema, Han Solo and Indiana Jones. In addition to being a sex symbol of all time, Ford is also a role model for generations of masculinity underneath with all he’s got.

Joseph Gordon

He is only 31 years old and has been given the title as ‘the worst haircut in television history’. He famous through the world passes by Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. With popularity which he found current, he was able to prove that he can also be success.

Sean Connery

He is considered as the most polite and charismatic actors of all time. This assumption is of course reinforced by his performance as the original James Bond.

Richard Gere

He is one actor Hollywood which is still a major contribution to the world film industry. Richard Gere charm as a star is able to make a super model named Cindy Crawford willingly disrobed in popularity to be marriage with him.

Christian Bale

He managed to restore the figure of Batman as a superhero most manly, after it was destroyed by actor George Clooney and turn it into a legend.