4 Correct Physical Exercises to Build Ripped Muscle

Thursday, 30 May 2013. | HEALT, TIPS & TRICK

Having muscular bodies and big muscles is a dream for all men. Big muscles physically would make man to be macho and the woman is not likely to be glancing. To get stomach strong muscles and like the bodybuilding course requires practice and way of life as well as a regular diet. The following we will review 4 ways how to get a body that appears muscular and macho.

Here’s how to get muscular athletic body muscles like bodybuilders.

Sit Up

This exercise is for the abdominal muscles. You can get started to sit down and thrn bend your legs on the floor. Be careful to do it slowly and need to do controlled movement. If you are returning to starting position and tighten of the abdominal muscles feel pressure on your body position need to close to the thigh.

Leg Raises

This exercise is for lower abdominal muscles. You have to lie on a flat bench first and then hold hands at the end of the bench behind of your head. With legs slightly of bent position, lift the foot so as to form an angle in 45 degrees. You have to hold briefly and slowly then return to starting position.

Side to Side

This exercise is for side abdominal muscles. You have to stand up straight with both of hands holding the dumbbell. The position your arms straight at your sides then in slowly move your body to the left side of stomach muscles to feel the pressure. Then hold it briefly, returning anymore to the starting position.


Running can be an effective way to strengthen the leg muscles. Flee on a daily basis or on a holiday especially for that have activity is always in the room which less to range. With run, there are some body parts which can become strong especially for leg.